“In the grey zone of the future he tries to discern rules for an artificial stupidity, which is nothing but an ethic for times of disruption.”
— Roland Legrand - Senior Journalist, De Tijd.
Artificial Stupidity

Artificial Stupidity - Manual for digital humanists

The emotional discourse on the topic of technology teaches us that it can liberate us, but also threaten us. Today the latter feeling seems to be winning. And digital technology has indeed led society into a crisis of control. But that doesn't have to be bad news.

Artificial Stupidity talks about our relationship with technology. The book contains ten rules that offer us cheerful and personal help in becoming more humanistic rather than mechanistic.

(c) mirjam devriendt

(c) mirjam devriendt


Hello, I’m Fredo

a curator on the interplay of culture and technology. The relation between Man and Machine is what wakes me up in the morning. The impact of technology on society is what keeps me awake at night.

You can read about my ideas about Ethics and Technology in my book: Artificial Stupidity. It focuses on the human side of the digital revolution and offers 10 rules of thumb for a digital humanism.

Currently curator for Media Fast Forward, the media innovation festival of VRT. Also host of #GentM talks and podcast, a think-tank working and writing about the impact of digital on our lives. 

“Digital Humanism is the great wave we can create,
with every small change we each generate. “
— Artificial Stupidity

WRITING and speaking

Reviews about my book can be found in De Tijd, Trends Magazine, Bloovi or De Morgen (dutch). For booking inquiries and speaking opportunities visit my Speakerbase profile.

“Wat hebben we aan de mens die een robot fabriceert als diezelfde mens niet weet welke belangen hij waardeert.”
— Artificial Stupidity


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